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Wednesday, 25 November 2009

Work & Betting Don't Mix

It has been hard work today on the betting front. I took a day off on Monday, so today was my first day which included work and betting. I quickly realised that the two do not sit very well together. I spent a while making a list of the bets I will be making the night before. However, some of the free tipsters and blogs do not put the bets on until mid morning, or very close to race time. This meant that I was constantly checking the sites on my mobile phone to see if there were any updates. Once I had all my bets, I ran around at lunchtime getting a bite to eat, then sitting in a corner putting my bets on my Ladbrokes Mobile application. It felt painstakingly slow! It felt slow when changing markets, loading the prices and eventually accepting the bet! I almost felt like I was having an affair with a mysterious lover with all the secrecy! I thought about calling Ladbrokes and putting the bets on over the telephone, but I don't think they would be taking 50p bets over the phone! I'm sure the operator would probably end up in fits of laughter!

I looked through my account earlier, and I could not believe the number of bets I have placed in the past 4 days. There have been 138 bets, 44 winners, and a total loss of £13.50. Once I settle down, and whittle down the good tipster from the bad, this figure should be much lower. I just hope the bank stays safe enough for me to find out.

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