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Sunday, 22 November 2009

First Steps

Well, today was my first real full day of betting. I can honestly say it felt like I was working! I spent nearly the whole morning scouring websites to get some free tips, then going through them to pick and choose the bets which I would be placing money on. In between all this, I had to feed my little boy, clean him and clothe him and then put on a Iron Giant dvd to keep him entertained! I haven't yet figured out how I will do this, when I am at work on Monday morning. I have a short list of a few sources where I can get free tips, and I may have to bookmark them on my phone. I have also just downloaded a mobile betting application, so I can place bets on the move. My partner has been taking mick about my new found obsession, and is wondering how long it will last before I go back to celebrity gossip!

I placed 26 bets today, 4 bets which are yet to be settled. 6 of these bets were winners at odds of 4.5, 2.25, 1.5, 4.0, 1.2 and 1.25. I had another small loss of -4.66 points. It has not been the best of starts, but I'm hoping that once I know my way around the do's and dont's of betting, and getting a feel for a good tipster or good advice will help me turn this around. If anyone knows a good site for free profitable tips, please do let me know, it will be much appreciated.


  1. well straight to the point! Lets chat...I have some but not all good things to pass on

  2. Hi AJ. Anything that will make me a profit? Preferably free!

  3. Hi Asma,

    Good luck with the betting. There are a couple of free sites which seem to be going well at the moment. The Fox is free and is +97 points up this season on the NFL and a football blog.
    Heres the links:

  4. Hi Eddy

    Thank you for introducing me to these two sites. I've had a quick glance, and they seem to be exactly the sort of thing i'm looking for. Much appreciated.

  5. hi asma
    First things first, have used all thee free bet offers on opening accounts yet? is good to get started.

  6. just read my last post...terrible english sorry just in a hurry!

  7. Hi AJ

    Don't worry about the terrible english! I only just scraped through my GCSE's many years ago! Thanks for letting me know about Bet72. I have had a look, but I don't think I'll be eligible for all of them as my partner used to bet up until last year and he had account with everyone. I'll double check it and if there is risk free cash to be had, I'll be there!