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Wednesday, 2 December 2009

Changing The Way I Bet

It has been a few days since my last update. I have decided to stop "betting" and have instead taking up trading! I realise this was a quick change, and I may not have given the betting front much of a chance. The reason I did this was I quickly found out that I could not balance work, home life and following tipsters. As a result, I was missing out on some tips, and it seemed like those I did miss went on to do quite well. At the time, I decided to stop, I was showing a loss of -50 points!

Since then I have been trawling the web, reading blogs and have been trying out trading on Betfair, especially the pre-race horse racing markets. So far it has been very hard work, and I have been using minimal stakes of £2 and £5. I have been trying to get 1 tick profits. Since 26/11/09 I have traded 100 markets, with 71 markets showing a profit, albeit very small amounts. In total I have placed trades to a total of £2946.77. I was very surprised at how quickly this figure built up with £2 stakes. The pleasing thing for me was I have managed to make a profit of £11.76. I think this is an ROI of +0.39%. I have been very cautious and my main aim now is to keep learning which is easier said than done, and concentrating on the figures and flashing lights is quite hard work!

If anyone has any advice for a very very new betfair trader, then please do leave a comment, it will be much appreciated.


  1. Hi Asma.

    Odd that a week or so after I commented that the betting blog seemed to be the last male-only institution, I find a female blog. Welcome.

    With regards to advice, I would simply reinforce two words you will have come across regularly - discipline and patience. Many succesful punters / traders will have taken years to make a decent profit, after nearly five years I'm still learning new things.

    Just keep your expectations low, try to have an enjoyable hobby which may cost you a few quid, and with time small profits may start to come regularly.

    Too many new starters are lured in by blogs such as Adam Heathcote's, think they'll be making £1,000 a day in no time, and end up disappointed and heavily out of pocket.

    Good Luck

  2. Hi Rob The Builder :)

    I'm just playing to very small stakes at the moment, and to be honest it's more of a distraction from all the things that I normally do. I would like to make a profit, but to be honest it wouldn't be the end of the world if I did lose the money. Saying that, I'm determined to succeed and be in profit and still going with my little £100 bank.

  3. Hi Asma,

    I note that you have dropped the backing side of you betting, and you state due to time frames, missing prices etc etc.

    You might be interested to know that since November 1st 2008 - 13th November 2009,(I'm a bit nehind with updates, but things have moved on in a positive direction since 13th) the tips on my service has produced the following results.

    167 prftable bets from 856 bets

    351 placed runners including 150 winners

    The average price of tips have been 8.55/1

    Average price of winning bets has been 5.02/1

    I'm getting to a solution here, bear with me......

    Due to the prices i tip, the returns using Betfair Sp far outweight what is possible from industry Sp, and even advised prices. This negates the Missing prices or time frame issues as bets can be placed at Betfair Sp, on the previous night to racing if nessesary. The one other positive factor, is the Sp prices are not adversley affected by reduction factors for withdrawals. What i mean is, quite often you can get matched at say 8 on betfair find a withdrawal gives a hefty reduction factor on theprice you have, and then, that runner drifts back out to the same price again. Betfair Sp negates this happening in these price brackets

    Here are my figures for visual proof.

    Industry Sp +51.84

    Advised prices +152.32

    Betfair Sp +234.75

    These figures are all to single point level stakes.

    Give me a shout on my blog and i'll let you know something else



  4. Hi Asma,
    Thanks for adding my blog. I didn't know I had so many fans? lol. Has it been of any use so far? Any highlights?
    It's nice to see a female punting blogger-someone not afraid to take on the lads.
    Speak soon,